condition of use

This webshop is updated very often. Though ARMÉE DE LA MORT Records reserves the right to modify offers and prices. Transportation fees are at the charge of the customer. Prices are non negotiable. Check “Shipping and returns”.
Wholesale prices are available on our own productions only, feel free to ask for them!

All items are new unless indicated otherwise. We get everything through 100% legal ways.

Here is the list of the possible ways of payment :
1. PAYPAL : please choose this payment EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, because it will allow you to pay with your credit card! The fees are free, and as said before, no need to have a Paypal account. We strongly recommend this way of payment, the safest and fastest. Everything is automatic, you’ll just have to fill in all the fields on the Paypal page that will appear. Though here is our Paypal address :
2. CHECK : for France only, to “SHAXUL”.
3. CASH : well hidden in registered letter, at your own risk! We are not responsible for lost or stolen cash. Euros or US Dollars ONLY!
4. BANK TRANSFER : choose this method to get all the necessary informations about our bank account to transfer the final amount of your order.
5. WESTERN UNION : this option does not appear on the webshop, but it is available! To use it, please send your selection/order via e-mail directly. We will get back to you very fast to let you know how to proceed.

Important notice concerning check, cash, bank transfer : we’ll ship your order only when we receive your payment. There is no time limit but we trust you and hope you will pay as fast as possible, to avoid the cancelling of your order.