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TREPANATOR "Decade of Brain Persecution" (Pictavia) CD
DACONTE "Más allá de los Sueños" (Colombia) CD
DACONTE is Alejandra's very personal project. She is a talented woman from Medellín, Colombia. Performing Folk music with her enchanting voice and a classic yet creative guitar style, her songs will leave you speachless and touched by a torrent of emotions that will penetrate your heart and soul. If you like discovering great songwriters, DACONTE is a revelation. Melancholic melodies and guitar arpeggios sound so dreamy, with choruses that sound powerful at the same time. Lyrics are written in Spanish, to add even more magic to the atmosphere. Álvaro from the legendary band MASACRE recorded various instruments on the album, which gives a Rock touch to it. So you can expect Folk Rock but remember that Alejandra draws her influences from classic Rock bands like PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN and QUEEN, and also cult Heavy Metal ones like IRON MAIDEN, SCORPIONS and METALLICA. The album is made of 10 songs, including a cover of Lee Hazlewood's "Summer Wine", sung as a duet with Shaxul from Pictavia (SHAXUL, MANZER, THE LAST OATH...). Recorded by Álvaro himself at his professional studio, NEBULOZA Producciones. As an accomplished artist, Alejandra also designed the cover artwork, logo and photos. Limited to 300 copies.