Shipping and returns

Shipping rates are automatically calculated by the webshop. They depend on the total weight of your order and are based on official French shipping rates. We understand they may seem expensive but they can’t be negotiated. You have the choice between 2 shipping rates : “registered mail” and “normal mail”.
200g are automatically added : it is obligatory for every order, because it is an estimate for the packing itself. Note that the weights of the items are determined one by one, but here is a list of estimates based on the average for each format, for your information :
LP / 10″MLP : 280 gr
Gatefold LP : 330 gr
DLP : 500 gr
T-shirt : 180 gr
Long Sleeves : 330 gr
Zine : 150 gr
CD/ MCD / CDr / DVD : 110 gr
7″EP / Tape : 70 gr
Button / Sticker / Patch : 50g

You have the choice between 2 shipping rates : “registered mail” and “normal mail”. Unfortunately, the French national post increased the “registered” prices drastically on the 1st January 2015. So you must pay such high rates if you really need a tracking number. Of course the “normal” shipment is more risky, but it is very cheap. We are sorry about this situation but the French post let no choice to their users, and please understand we don’t earn a cent on these prices. Now it’s up to you!

It depends on the country to ship to. You must allow us a 48h delay to process your order, knowing we send packages twice a week.
A tracking is possible but for packages above 2 kg ONLY. If you need the tracking number, please ask.

All complaints must be sent to
We are not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise, however, if there are any problems with your order, you must contact us as soon as possible : send an e-mail within five working days after the package reached you so we can think about a solution together.
If you dislike something you ordered, you can cancel but you must send back a parcel following this rule which is a part of the French law : the cancellation period is the period commencing with the day on which the order is received, and ending on the expiry of the period of seven working days beginning with the day after the day on which you received the items.