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THE LAST TOMB “I” (Pictavia) CD : Wild Dan Killer was the leader, guitarist and howler for the legendary Pictavian band TORK RAN, formed in 1988. He’s back in action with THE LAST TOMB, supported by two TREPANATOR members, Cyril (drums) and Gran (bass). The band performs some intense and rich Thrash Metal, with influences ranging from technical and progressive Thrash from the 80’s / 90’s to the tormented neo-classical style of Shostakovich. Lyrics deal with despair, cynicism and atheism. An album that is light-years away from the tasteless and faceless “retro-Thrash” releases polluting the scene, with an old-fashioned production by THE CRIPPLE ROOM studio. 7 tracks including an instrumental. Cover art by Jenglot Hitam. Limited to 300 copies. ADLM-CD-43.