ACARUS SARCOPT “Tarnation” (Pictavia) CD

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Second album by ACARUS SARCOPT from the Charente area, “Tarnation” presents a different style from their debut. After some line-up changes, ACARUS SARCOPT clearly turned to a Death Metal style, inspired by AT THE GATES, DISMEMBER, ASPHYX, PESTILENCE, DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, ENTOMBED, MALEVOLENT CREATION… This album has absolutely nothing to do with all the “retro-Death” bands purely and simply plagiarizing the old ones, on the contrary, ACARUS SARCOPT delivers personal Death Metal while remaining old school. Amateurs of their Black Metal era won’t be disappointed by this evolution, because “Tarnation” is a dark album, and the maniaks into Death Metal the ancient way will also be satisfied. The album is completed by 2 live songs as bonus, showing the formidable efficiency of the band during gigs. With a devastating sound (ECHOES Studio). ADLM-CD-27.
YES, IT IS FREE! In memory of Remingo (RIP), brilliant guitarist and composer, you can get this CD for free and listen to his amazing music in his memory…

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